Thierry Stolarczyk

Cosmic particle hunter

"We know that the chief glory of science is that it is never finished, because the wider the sphere of knowledge grows the larger is its area of contact with the unknown."

A. E. Heath, in the foreword of "Philosophy for pleasure", Hector Hawton, éditions Watts & Co., 1949.

I am a researcher at CEA, Institute of research into the fundamental laws of the Universe (Irfu).

After hunting solar neutrinos under a mountain in Italy, then studying their properties at CERN in Geneva, I searched for cosmic neutrinos with Antares, a telescope in the Medi-terranean abysses. I am now leading a group at the astrophysics division in CEA Saclay, involved in CTA, a new generation of gamma ray telescope array aiming at solving the long standing mystery of the origin of cosmic rays.

I am involved in many outreach activities and published several books for the general public.
The pages go deepr in my scientific life and research activites and illustrate some of my involvements in the quest for cosmic particles.